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Alberta Education has created the My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource for parents. The resources shares grade-specific information about Alberta’s curriculum. 

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Grade 9

Reading and Writing Resources

Thank you to Mr. Coates for curating the following list of resources to support learning in English Language Arts.

Reading and Writing Resources:

Young Authors Conference Alumni:

Film Resources:


Here are a few other additional resources to support reading and writing.

Grade 7-9 Reading List: A list of book recommendations created by Alberta Education, perfect for those at the Grade 7-9 reading level.

The Literacy Shed: A collection of video writing prompts to help inspire creativity and storytelling while students develop their literacy skills.

Poetry Foundation: The Poetry Foundation hosts a collection of hundreds of different poems and poetry resources to help students develop their literacy skills. Poems are grouped by age level.

Math Resources

MathisFun: A variety of math activities and lessons are available for practice. Students can search for specific curricular topics to hone their practice even further. 

Mathigon: Mathigon is an online eBook with built in questioning for select topics in math. The entire site is free to use during school closures.

Geogebra: Geogebra allows students to search for a specific topic in math and find many applets to explore.

Desmos: A free graphing tool to support Math learning.

Mathies: A math learning site with interactive games and tools.

Solve me mobiles: A collection of resource to help support understanding of equations, equality and logic.

NCTM Illuminations: Offers a variety of math games to help develop understanding of different topics.

Brainpop - Math: This site covers many math units and and is completely free to use during the school closure period.

Prodigy: This site focuses on engaging and motivating math students through interactive games.

Xtra Math: Xtra Math is just that, extra math. It offers online drills to enhance students' understanding of mental math and basic math facts.

French Resources

Usito - A French Dictionary

Bescherelle - Verb conjugation support - BonPatron is an online tool for writing in French that identifies spelling errors and common grammatical problems.

Les Verbes - Online Verb Conjugator

Word Reference - Free online language dictionaries

CBC French: A collection of French-language videos, games, activities and news items made just for kids!
TV5Monde: Much like CBC French, TV5Monde provides a variety of French-language videos, games and activities to help French learners develop their language skills.

Télé-Québec: A collection of fun French-language cartoons and videos. With hundreds of individual episodes across a variety of topics and genres, there's something for everybody.

1jour/1actu: Intended for more developed French language learners, 1jour/1actu provides a collection of daily news information including videos, articles and podcasts. This CBC site hosts a variety of informative videos on many different topics including math, science, art and more.

Apprendre le Français: This resource includes activities, video clips, sample conversation scripts, and vocabulary lists based organized by ability level.


General Resources

Interland - Be Internet Awesome - Interland is an adventure-packed online game that puts the key lessons of digital citizenship and safety into hands-on practice. Play your way to being Internet Awesome. LearnAlberta hosts many digital resources aligned with Alberta's K-12 curriculum.

BrainPop and BrainPopJr: Both sites host great videos, lessons, activities and practice quizzes for science, social studies, language arts, math, health and more. Both BrainPop sites are currently free due to school disruptions.

Khan Academy: A collection of online video tutorials and activities for science, math and more! An educational steaming platform that gives students and families access to CBC content and archived material.

Edmonton Public Schools Resource Hub: This hub grants access to Alberta curriculum related resources created by Edmonton Public Schools.